Беларусь і стртэгія Расеі

Згодна з расейскай Канстытуцыяй Пуцін знаходзіцца на пасадзе прэзідэнта апошні тэрмін, пасля зноў трэба рабіць ратацыю, альбо станавіцца прэм’ер-міністрам, альбо мяняць Канстытуцыю. І вось у дадзеным выпадку, – а гэтая ідэя, канцэпцыя ўжо зʼяўлялася, – стварэнне рэальнай Саюзнае дзяржавы і ўвядзенне пасады прэзідэнта. У дадзеным выпадку гэта добрая глеба, каб пры наяўнасці адзінай дзяржавы Пуцін застаўся супер-прэзідэнтам…»

Информационные игры

Россия активизировала свое информационное давление на Беларусь, в свою очередь Минск пытается отвечать “информационными запугиваниями” – своим возможным разворотом на Запад. Хотя всем понятно, что это лишь вертуальные мечты

Dialogue to conservation Belarus

The initiative to renew dialogue with the Belarusian regime is not a recent invention. One year ago, this idea was already being zealously promoted by certain foreign and local organisations, as well as Аleksandr Milinkevich. The Office for a Democratic Belarus in Brussels, and its director Olga Stuzhinskaya, even came up with a proposal to…

Pavel Usov: The USA and the EU proved they cannot stop Russia

Doctor of Political Sciences Pavel Usov analyzes the Russian-​Ukrainian war and its consequences for the post-​Soviet space in an interview with Belarusian Partisan. – Ukraine expects the Belarusian authorities to condemn the Russian occupation of Crimea. Will Belarus do it? – It seems to me that Ukrainian authorities don’t expect statements of this kind from…

If the EAU is established, Belarus for at least a few more years will be deprived of any opportunity to become a democratic European state

Russia’s presidential elections in any case affect Belarusian state and society. Close economic and political ties between two countries resemble a sort of misalliance. Recently we can observe the growing Russia’s influence in Belarus both politically (considering strained relations of Belarus with the West) and economically (ever increasing and direct expansion of the Russian business…